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The DermaClear Regimen: 3 Steps & Solutions

  • Extract Dead skin cells are removed to prepare surface for extraction. Thorough extraction leaves skin clean and fresh, while exposing a healthy skin surface.
    DermaClear EXFO: During this step, a water soluble exfoliating solution containing Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) is used to efficiently dislodge dead skin cells.
  • Exfoliate Deep cleaning suction loosens dirt and debris from deep within the skin, leaving it clean and optimal for effective solution absorption.
    DermaClear CLEANSE: The solution used during this step is fat soluble Salicylic acid (BHA). It works deeply to remove dirt and impurities from within the skin, without causing irritation.
  • Hydrate Nourishing solutions are delivered through a rotating tip, ensuring optimal skin penetration. These solutions protect and hydrate preparing skin for various following treatments.
  • Cleanse & Peel

    Rotating hand-piece performs chemical and physical peeling at the same time.

  • Extractions

    powerful suction is used to extract debris from the clogged pores and remove other impurities and debris from the skin vortex-extraction nozzle that acts as a vacuum.

  • Serum application

    This step uses the vortex-fusion tool, which infuses an antioxidant-and-collagen-rich serum into the skin to promote elasticity and hydration.

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