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DermaClear by Alma is a ground-breaking anti-pollution skin treatment system that combines patented technology with nutritional serums. This three-in-one system clarifies, cleanses, and conditions the skin. The in-office treatment only takes 30 minutes and the procedure is completely painless. You’ll walk out of the session with clean, glowing skin that is photo-ready, and you don’t have to worry about redness, peeling, discomfort, or next-day breakouts. DermaClear’s vacuum and hydration wand is designed with 360-degree rotation for maximum skin coverage and penetration.

Three Steps. 30 Minutes.

The three-step system uses alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) to clarify the skin and remove dead cells, makeup, dirt, and micro-pollutants. Then, the vacuum technology loosens and erases anything that is hiding under the surface and clogging your pores. This ultra-fine matter is removed from the depth of every pore to achieve a bright, radiant complexion that you can’t achieve through simple cleansing at home. DermaClear finishes by infusing the open, healthy pores with a hydrating serum that is rich in botanical antioxidants.

The Problem with Micro-pollutants

At the end of the treatment session, you can see exactly what was pulled from your skin through the hydradermabrasion vacuum. Over time, your skin catches and absorbs these tiny particles and micro-pollutants, which are buried deep in pores. This can exacerbate acne and lead to dullness, sagging skin, wrinkles, or pigmentation. Research suggests that air pollution exposure can even lead to the premature breakdown of collagen over time.

Additionally, heavy makeup can clog pores and increase the risk of early aging. Even with nightly makeup removal, remnants of your makeup can still linger and clog pores. Basic facial cleansing at home can’t reach deep, clogged pores like DermaClear’s vacuum wand.



Anti-Pollution Skin Protection with Instant Benefits


The DermaClear facial cleansing machine is an essential treatment for anti-pollution skincare. In addition to boosting your complexion with a radiant glow for special events, it is recommended to use DermaClear as part of your regular skincare routine. After one treatment, you’ll see the difference! Reverse the dull, aging side effects of heavy micro-particles. DermaClear also helps to protect against future damage with a penetrating dose of antioxidants.

Best of all, the non-invasive treatment is completely painless. Hydradermabrasion feels like a gentle, soothing massage, so you can rest and relax while washing away toxins from the air around you.

Find a DermaClear treatment provider near you to set up an appointment. Effective anti-pollution skincare shouldn’t just clean your pores and remove problems – it should also repair, nourish, and protect. DermaClear’s three-step hydradermabrasion system is the ultimate solution. If you have any further questions about the treatment or our device feel free to contact us using the form below!

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